Edmonton’s Baccarat Casino Gives Way To Another

Edmonton’s Baccarat Casino Gives Way To Another

Edmonton’s Baccarat Casino, considered the ugliest building in the city center, will soon be gone. The current location of the gaming establishment may accommodate businesses. In addition, next to the casino site, another complex will be built. Some city councilors are delighted with this news. They consider that the Baccarat building and its unattractive architecture do not really correspond to the growth observed in downtown Edmonton. After more than 20 years of existence therefore, the Baccarat casino will bow out to give way to a new establishment.

Baccarat Casino

Edmonton’s Baccarat Casino is located in the heart of downtown, on 104th Avenue at the corner of 101st. It started about 20 years ago and is still operational today. The gaming establishment sports an unflattering architecture, ugly to be more precise. Moreover, the building has suffered a lot of criticism for its lack of aesthetics, not to mention the controversy to which it has been the subject. City Councilor Bryan Anderson considers the Baccarat building to be arguably the ugliest building in downtown Edmonton. Tony Santo, CEO of Gateway Casinos, which owns Baccarat, also admits that the establishment is not very eye-catching. Especially now that the capital is changing. Indeed, near the Baccarat casino, a new amphitheater was built. Edmonton has also embarked on the revitalization of the entire arena area.

The construction of a new casino is timely. This project corresponds more to the development and transformation of the capital and especially the city center. The demolition of the Baccarat casino is ultimately bad for good.

A New Establishment In The City Center

According to the Edmonton Arena District company, the new Edmonton establishment will be located in a building adjacent to the future Rogers Place. This new casino will occupy an area of ​​5,500 m², a location near that of Baccarat. The project also provides for restaurants and the establishment of a performance area. From the Katz group and the WAM Development group, a joint venture was born which will take charge of this $ 32 million investment. The plans have already been presented and the opening of the new casino is scheduled for summer 2016. Tony Santo believes that this establishment in preparation could become one of the major attractions of the city. Councilor Scott McKeen is also delighted with this project, he believes that it is mostly addition by subtraction.

Councilor Mike Nickel, meanwhile, is keeping an eye on the grain. In fact, he wants to ensure that of the $ 32 million planned for this project, not a single dollar comes out of the public purse. And he doesn’t hide his joy at seeing a building that many Edmontonians hate disappear. The demolition date has not yet been announced, but according to Councilor Bryan Anderson, the current location of Baccarat may become a site for businesses.


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